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v     General Information

            Textbook and Course Materials Buyer              619-388-3491       cityreqs@sdccd.edu

            Campus Store Supervisor                                  619-388-4863       smadrid@sdccd.du


v     Advantages of  Supporting your On campus ECC Bookstore

      ...provides help in locating course materials to meet faculty needs

      ...is a resource for research and development of course materials

      ...provides help and support in providing the best value for students

      ...supports affordability by offering new, used, e-book, access codes, etc.

      ...provides customized course packets/readers per faculty request

      ...provides refunds for materials in courses which have been dropped or changed

      ...assists faculty in  508 Accessibility requirements

      ...supports many campus events throughout the year, Graduation, Student Success

      ...offers convenient online ordering for students in all classes

      ...supports the campus without accepting any funding from General fund.

      ...special orders any book in print



v     Textbook/Course Material Requisition timelines will be sent to each faculty member, chair and dean, via email a few weeks before due date.



v     Click HERE for City Textbook Requisitions

You can also view the Textbook Requisition FAQ HERE


v     HEOA and You

      Requires institutions of higher education by July 2010 who receive federal financial assistance (this includes private institutions of higher education who receive federal funds) to the "maximum extent practicable" and "in a manner of the institution's choosing" to provide students with accurate course material information including ISBN and retail price when available and practicable for each course listed in the institution's course schedule used for preregistration and registration purposes.

      This means that information will be needed earlier to post for registration.  This will also require a student cautionary message, letting them know if they purchase materials outside of their campus bookstore, and they drop a class or something changes they may not be able to receive a refund. 


v       Online Requisition Instructions

                  Print short version  

                  Print long version:   Part 1    Part2

                  Camtasia Tutorial   http://online2.sdccd.edu/tutorials/cmr_faculty/cmr_faculty.html



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