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Online Course Material Requisition FAQS


Q.        I wasn't able to attend training, how can I learn about the process?

            A. Your Bookstore supervisor will be able to show the process, or you can review the instructions in a Camtasia tutorial or the word document summary attached.

            url =




Q.        I don't know where to find the online requisition? 

            A. Each campus has an unique URL, which you may add to your favorites:









      ECC (City College classes)


Also, each semester, an announcement letter will be sent and the url will be re-sent.



Q.        Where do I find the instructions for online requisitions?

            A. Instructions can be found on your bookstore website at  






Q.        I need to change an item on my requisition, after I have submitted.

How do I do that?

A. You will send an email to:


Upon receipt, the buyers will reopen your section requisition and make the changes.




Q.        I have been assigned a new section, how do I request my materials?

A.  Your new section will be updated within online course material requisitions as soon as we receive the information or your chair may adjust. After the addition you may add your course materials.



Q.        Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?

            A. Please email:


            or contact your bookstore supervisor



Q.        How do I know my requisition has been received?

            A. You will receive an email confirming your submission.



Q.        When will I know if there is a problem with the item(s) I requested or if there is a new edition or change in isbn?

            A.  Research typically takes about 4 weeks, (in fall not including Thanksgiving week)  to process all requisitions submitted by the request date.  You will hear within that time frame, or later if there are subsequent publisher changes or updates.


Q.        What is the process after I (faculty member) approves and then my chair approves? Will the Bookstore know that I submitted on time?

            A. Yes, each faculty member receives a confirmation of submission and the bookstore can see that the information is in the que to be approved by the chair.


Q.        I don't use a textbook or any other materials, do I need to complete an online requisition?

            A. Yes, no text required will be posted in the bookstore and on the student purchase website. 


Q.        I request students to purchase from a website, do I need to complete an online requisition?

            A. Yes this information will be posted in the bookstore and on the student purchase website.  Beginning July 2010 the Higher Education Act requires that students have available the entire cost of the course (tuition, fees and materials) before they register, so the cost of the materials required on the alternate website will need to be posted for students.